Thought I would share this interesting writing prompt I enjoyed…

After looking up my name, I discovered in Irish and English Sabrina means princess. In Latin Sabrina means boundary line.  Here are my writing thoughts related to the origins of my name :

I am a gentle princess who is discovering her voice and learning to set boundary lines. Raised to be caring and kind sometimes I gave too much and part of my spirit had been given away. Willingness to obey made my voice remain small and often unspoken. Slowly truths have been uncovered and helped me find an inner strength. A strength to know a princess can be both sweet and strong at the same time.

Love and obedience were not enough to shield my heart from harsh words. The tears faded with time, but I desired change while a little of me still remained. Realization of a truth came that I am a princess. Deserving of true love and to be treated as a princess. Learned to speak up, have voice, and set boundary lines. Have some power while yet remaining true to my spirit. Not be held captive by the overbearing king.

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