Snowy Inspiration

Right now I’m sitting at the computer and enjoying the view of snow falling through the kitchen windows. It’s absolutely beautiful. The flakes are smaller, but not long ago, the biggest fluffiest snowflakes I’ve ever seen were falling. It’s been such a great day…including getting to eat a bowl of snow cream! 🙂


Snowy Woods

Light Shining Through

Light Shining Through

What does this have to do with writing? Nothing…other than I have found my way out of the writing impasse I was at, which I refuse to call writer’s block. I had plenty to write about. I was just not in the mood and was being resistant to writing.

The truth comes out when I write and sometimes I just plain and simply don’t want to face it. It’s not always pretty and at times downright painful. Instead, I’ll do absolutely anything to put off writing. I’ve been baking, cooking, crocheting…anything except writing. (On the plus side…I can make a really good loaf of homemade bread from scratch now. 🙂 )

Snow Covered Benches

Snow Covered Benches

The past several days have been wonderful writing days. It feels incredible to be able to really write again. It began with writing in my journal. Who knows, maybe I worked through something in it. Journals are great for processing stuff. No matter how I got there, I did. I’m back to working on personal essays and writing poetry.

I’ve been so inspired, I just wanted to share and thought I’d share some inspiration with you too. Here are some pictures of the snow I took from around the yard…just enjoy or get creative and write something. I have nothing fancy set up for you to leave your links on(maybe one day I’ll figure out Mr. Linky), but you are welcome to leave a link in your comment below if you’d like. Happy writing… : )

Letting Go

* This is a poem I wrote from the prompting post over at dverse Poets Pub on the art of letting go. *

Let live and let be
Easy enough motto it seems
Letting go is much harder
Yet, I’ve let go of so many things …
Love drifted away
Floating on a sea of tears
Bright lives faded to dim
Those I once held so dear
Motherhood snuck away in a blink
Daughter turned woman
In less time than you’d think
Life like the leaves
Swirling away in the wind
Took dreams and hopes
Thought would never end
I’ve let go of so many things
Releasing freely, unable to hold
Bending to natural forces
Learning to let go
A most difficult lesson
Trial by fire it quite seems
Letting go without losing myself
Forgetting how to dream
An ember escaped the ashes
Kindling to ignite my heart
Letting go doesn’t mean
Letting everything depart

Dandelion wind

Dandelion wind (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Writing What You Know

There is much to be said for the saying, “Write what you know”. If we’re writing about things we know about, those are likely to be the things we are passionate about, hence it will probably be  better writing and very interesting reading . As a reader, I love reading something I can tell the writer has a lot of passion for, so it works. It’s not boring writing.

I’ve been thinking about this some lately. There are many things I think I’m overlooking. I’m missing the mark and not writing about the things sitting in front of my face that I truly “know” about. I love to cook, especially baking and I crochet a lot. I enjoy blogging. I use herbs and aromatherapy every single day. I’m a caregiver for a family member.

Those are just a few of the things I can list that I do on a normal basis. What I need to do is think what I can do with that list? Well, having a sick spouse, too much time on my hands, and a bit of depression is not always conducive to thinking clearly. Given enough time, however, I am sorting myself ought of the fog I’ve been in and coming up with ideas. (Knowing you can’t just do nothing forever can also give you a swift kick in the pants for incentive.)

This week I have begun to write more, which I’ve desperately been needing to do. I’ve had some days I wasted away my time with online social media, like pinterest . My time online has not been a total loss though, as I’ve discovered some great recipes to try out and found many places I could possibly write guest blog posts. I’ve even applied to a couple of writing jobs found at FWJ(Freelance Writing Jobs).

Here’s a list of a few possible writing projects I need to be working on :

* Guest blog posts (possible topics – crochet, sewing, craft projects, nursing, caregiving)
* Ebook about caregiving
* Local magazines – submit recipes
* Craft magazines – could get creative and write a pattern for original crochet creations

If you are in a writing rut or just starting out, maybe a good place to begin is make a list or a couple of lists. I’m a list nut! 🙂 One list is a list of every topic you know something about and your talents. This will give you ideas for writing. The next list is just start a list of everyplace you find you may be able to find homes for your writing, then get writing.

I haven’t figured out a good method to organize the information yet, but I do like to print out writer’s or submission guidelines for those places I’m interested in submitting my work too. For now, I keep them in a basket with a cloth liner. Maybe I need to look at some kind of notebook system. If you have a way that works for you, please share and if I get it figured out, I’ll do the same.

Any thoughts or ideas welcome… 🙂

Happy writing… 🙂

Time Fading Away

*This is something I wrote based on a word prompt on Inspiration Monday over at the Be Kind Rewrite blog. *

English: Fading light at Glanvilles Wootton A ...

English: Fading light at Glanvilles Wootton A watery gateway on the footpath from Harbins farm to Pulham catches the last of the evening light coming through the trees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bodies age, weaken, and are degraded by multiple diseases. Merely part of the natural life process, everyone says. This is where we are and why he sleeps so much more. This is why life is so still and there is so much loneliness. There is no return to the past and no future, only the present.  The present brings no gifts, only further decline and fading.

Death feels ominously near, but may not come for years and this unmoving world will continue to seem endless. Wishing not to hasten death, but wishing for more certainty or just the ability to understand.  Wishing people did not persist in asking the simple question, “Are you okay?”. It’s not such a simple question. It feels as if they want a false answer, one I am not able to give. The truth, “No, I’m not okay.” I want to ask, “How could I be?”. It’s often easier for a lie to slip past my lips and say, “I’m fine”.

Sadness from not knowing seeps in and takes over. Tears constantly feel near flowing, but never come. Things needing done are in abundant supply and calling out. Yet I sit here and think, but not really truly think. Present, but not really. Attempting to turn to endless distractions in an effort for a less painful facade. Daylight is fading, seems the morning was not long ago.

The time thief has crept in and stolen the day. This one as the one before. This has gone on for far too long. I must awaken, before my life winds down. I must remember how to live life before the time thief vanishes away with my days. There exists so many uncertainties in life, but some things are certain, the number of our days is not known and we must live life before it fades away.