New Year Thoughts

It’s a new year, a fresh start, so I’m not going to condemn it right off the bat by hoping the year 2014 is better. I’m not being a pessimist, just a realist. I’m not going to make a bunch of unrealistic expectations and set myself up for failure either. I’m planning on taking a live in the moment approach and make the most of each day.

I’ve decided I do better and am decidedly more happy if I don’t look at the bigger picture. It’s too overwhelming. There is freedom in acceptance…surrendering to life as it is, has to be for the time, and taking each day as it comes. At the very least it feels as if I’m starting 2014 with more peace.

If you’re new to this blog and parts of that sounded cryptic…it’s not, it’s just my life is complicated (who’s isn’t I guess). Among many other things, I’m a full time caregiver for my spouse, other than working outside the home a day or two every week. I’m getting ready to be a grandmother as well. My daughter is expecting her first in early April.

This past month has been quiet here as I’ve been doing a bit of self nurturing(immersing myself in reading books and doing yoga) as well as busily crocheting to finish gifts. Needless to say, I didn’t manage to keep up with The Book of Me prompts. I think the best thing I can do is leave the past the past and move on forward. I’m getting off to a good start writing. I wrote a last journal entry for the year last night a little before midnight and wrote a poem today…


A hot cup of tea
Move into tree pose
Ease into the day
Accept what will
What can be
Find the bliss
Subtle in each day
Fragrance of a life
Lived day by day
Forget the things
Not able to change
Breathe deep
Calmness remain
Accept what is
Accept who I am
In each moment
Fully to dwell
Strong to stand

Hope your new year is off to a good start and wish you the best in your writing journey… 🙂