To Remember

* I know it’s been a long time since I’ve wrote, so if you’re still around you might be thinking this blog had gone defunct. I’m still here, but still working through some stuff and allowing myself some grace. I’m writing, but it’s been at a much slower pace. My words don’t always want to find the paper just yet. I still want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I happened to write a poem I thought I’d share. Every now and then I get in a poetic mood. Hopefully the new year will bring more.

You took a step back
Just perhaps too far
Maybe it was you thought
I needed the space
Or you couldn’t handle
Me in my deep grief
I was too much anymore
Sadly it’s nothing new
I’ve been alone before
I need no answers
I tried to ask for little
I may always look fine
I’m too good at saying I’m ok
I’ve done it too often
Just to make it each day
I bury troubles deep
Cry in the dark alone
While others dream and sleep
I’m weary and continue on
But still wish to hear
Just sometimes a friendly voice
Let me know someone is near
You don’t need to fix things
Just allow me to be
And perhaps to remember
I don’t always know how to say
No, I’m not ok today