Non-techy Tech Rant

I love having internet and feeling connected. It’s useful. However, I do not get the language. It’s something that bypasses my brain like directions(I’m a GPS girl for good reason). I’ve tried reading definitions of some of the terms, but I still can’t decipher it…megabytes, kilobytes, broadband, and plenty of others. I like things to just work.

My internet as of late has decided to work at the creepy slow pace reminiscent of dial up. This has happened ever since my old wireless internet device malfunctioned and it was replaced with one of those “sticks”. It’s 3G, but it’s what I had before, though my before device allowed me to have several tabs up at once.

Now I’m relegated to usually one internet page at a time, keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping it will cooperate in coming up. I’ve done the tech support thing multiple times and never had any good answers or resolution to the problem. My last ditch effort is to try to purchase, on my own, the same old device I had before and see if it works any better. If not, it’s been recommended I upgrade to 4G.

Living in a rural area my options are minimal. Even the company that would be our local land line phone provider says we live 1,500 feet too far for the very reasonable costing internet service they provide. One of the major cell phone companies, who I have my cell phone through, offers a lovely wireless internet plan. Again, not in our area, which I don’t get since it’s wireless. Are there monopolies that are supposed to be non-existent barring companies from selling service in certain areas?

There are one or two satellite internet providers that provide service in our area, but I really don’t have a spare couple of hundred dollars lying around for equipment cost. If I upgrade I would be paying much more for a plan comparable to my current internet plan and be tied into another contract I don’t want. Arrrggghhh!

At this point I’d probably just take a lap top to a restaurant for a couple of hours a day for some good high speed wireless, but I can’t get out of the house often due to caregiving. Instead, I’ve been spending more time on the computer trying to accomplish the things that used to take me waaaay less time to do. Sorry for ranting, not having one of those suffer-in-silence days.

Off I go to finish catching up on reading blog posts and then write some for the day. Happy writing… 🙂

Backing Up

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...

If you are a writer, I cannot say enough about backing up your work. Back up, back up, back up, and have a back up for your back up.  Ok, I guess that’s enough back ups.  I’ve been having computer troubles which have thrown me in a near panic.  Luckily or unluckily as the case may be, I have no deadlines for my writing at least.

I just do not relish the thought of all the work I have put into my writing to just evaporate into nothingness.  I have many of the things I’ve written in actual notebooks, but a lot of my writing was stored on my computer.  A limited amount of my computer writing was stored on one of those flash drives that insert in the USB ports, but not everything.  Another note on this subject shortly!

Fortunately my daughter’s boyfriend is a bit tech savvy and was able to restore my lap top computer to working order again.  He was nice enough to also get the antivirus program on it as well.  My computer once again works, better than ever, but he had to wipe it clean.

Some of my writing was on the flash drive, but the next time I went to pull something up on the computer, a message told me the device had malfunctioned.  What?!!!  I thought those were supposed to be safe as back ups, then my daughter tells me she has had one mess up once that she used for music.

Flash drives may be good for portability so you can easily pull your writing up on another computer, but I don’t personally now consider them a good way to back up your writing.  I know there are online cloud places you can store writing, but I don’t have much experience with those.

After I finally could think clearly, I remembered we had had Carbonite.  It was a program my husband wanted on the computer to back up our files online and to think I had complained about spending the money.  I now love it!  It helped me be able to get back my beloved pictures and writing.

Carbonite will do a complete restore of files or you can go into the backup files to pick and choose what you would like restored.  I did the pick and choose option as there was a lot of junk I didn’t need back on the computer.  I’m not very tech savvy, yet it was easy to figure out once I logged onto the website.

* Side note on writing progress–  I have been on a writing roll the past two days and eagerly working away on my memoir.  I have several books in various stages of progress but it is my main WIP.  I am so excited that I’ve written a little over 3,000 words since yesterday and it now has a grand total of 20,404 words.  Hooray!!!  And just in case you happen to be one of those people who word counts makes crazy, no I’m not obsessed about the word count.  It will be done when the story is done.