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rainbow on butterhill

rainbow on butterhill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a very disheartening week, so it did my spirits good to have a pleasant surprise in my email inbox late last night. I wrote an article early last year and was notified it was accepted. It wasn’t known what issue it would be published in and as time went by, I just assumed it wouldn’t be published.

It was…it finally was and can be found in the May/June issue of Today’s Caregiver magazine! 🙂 The article is “Making Prescription Refills Easier” on page 28. If you click on the digital magazine and go to the table of contents, then the title of the article can be clicked to go to it easier(if you want to read it… 🙂 ).

This is an incredibly short post, but will hopefully be posting more again soon. I’ve come across several interesting things over the past few days I’d like to share. 🙂

Bent Objects

This is wonderful…not a writer, but a creative minded person like writers are…doing absolutely what makes him happy. It’s a wonderful thing to earn a living doing something that brings joy into your life and, at times, into the lives of others. It’s something many never achieve or only dream about, but are never quite willing to take the needed risk or leap.

One Writer's Journey

There’s no doubt in my mind — we creative types see the world in a slightly different way than “normal people.”  The fact that I would even use that phrase, normal people, says something.  That said Terry Border may have a more bent take on life than the rest of us.  He’s made his name as the creator of Bent Objects.  Check out this video made by his local PBS affiliate.

There’s no doubt in my mind — Terry does what makes him happy.  How about you?  Do you love what you create?  If not, what are you willing to do about it?



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Rule Breaking…

*If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you know I’ve been journaling. I’ve always considered my journal my private thoughts and keep it hidden away in ever changing secret spots around the house. Even my journal has been neglected as has this blog of late. Life has been a bit overwhelming. My husband is on hospice and my emotions have been raw,  making me a little bit too on the blunt side. Anyhow, I’m breaking rules today…I’m sharing an entry from my journal and I’m being maybe too personal.*

Tree in the Rain

Tree in the Rain

Written in my journal last night…there’s so much it doesn’t say, but it’s a beginning…

I could leave this page blank again. It’s been so long since I’ve written in this journal, not because I have nothing to say, quite the opposite. I have too many things to say, things too hard, and don’t really know how to put them into words.

I don’t have writer’s block. I have a lack of willingness to confront. Writing tends to make me deal with things head on and it’s painful. Right now all I see is the hot stove and I’m not willing to touch it, or in this case, pick up the pen.

The words of wisdom from the writing world, to “write through the pain” and “writing helps to process things”, do little to urge me on. I want to resist and drag myself kicking and screaming all the way. I’m turning into one of the world’s most productive procrastinators on mostly good days. On bad days, sleep is my only desire.

Keeping my hands busy distracts my mind from thoughts I’d rather not think. My purse is clean and organized for the third time this week. The checking account is more balanced than it’s been in my life. I clean and cook to exhaustion. On the plus side, I’ve learned to excel at making homemade bread and almost every cabinet has been decluttered, cleaned, and organized. All things I do while he sleeps.

Most of my efforts should be creating a cozy haven that home should be, however, my endeavors feel fruitless. When saying goodbye to someone and a life I’ve known for almost a quarter of a century, I’ve yet to discover what to do or the words to say. I continue on the best I can in a facade of normalcy.

Often I look out the windows at the trees or the plants right out the front door. For some reason, I’ve been insistent on growing some kind of garden this year. Originally, the plan was to get the small garden spot tilled, then I thought it impractical. I’ve decided on container gardening out the front door, which can be tended in a few spare moments a day. It’s not the fresh produce I long for I think, but rather an in-front of my face reminder life does go on.