Woman on a Train

If you’ve been following this blog a bit, you know I don’t do much fiction writing. Yesterday I read this piece, “Stories I Create on the Train”, over at Cara Theoron’s blog and was inspired to write something. It’s short and a bit of a risqué story for me, so there’s your warning if you’d rather not read it. It doesn’t get explicit. I wasn’t really planning on posting it, but someone(who knows who she is if she’s reading this) encouraged me that maybe I should share it…

The train stops one more time. This will be the last stop before I reach my destination, even the word sounds final. I’m nervous, so decide just to stay seated instead of stretching my legs. A woman in love, yet reality is sinking in, I’m leaving the only world I’ve known since childhood. I need a distraction from my pulsating heart, more than my book is providing. I hear the bustle of passengers.

I notice a woman as I look up from my book. She’s probably in her 30’s. Her auburn hair falls in ringlets right on top of the swell of her bosom. She pulled it to the side with a swipe of her hand when she sat down. She crosses her well toned legs which peek out from the slit on her dress. I’m betting she does yoga and not merely for relaxation. There are more enjoyable ways to relax. It’s not the only thing that crosses my mind.

As I look at her face, I notice she seems self absorbed in thought and suddenly smiles slightly. Maybe she’s thinking of her evening to come, eager to meet her lover. She opens her purse and starts adding some finishing touches, a bit of shimmering rose lipstick and a dab of perfume. She swaps her practical earrings, probably worn in an office, for a dangling pair that glitter in the sunlight.

I imagine the lipstick will not be long upon her lips. Any traces of it will quickly disappear in a passionate kiss with her lover, tongues swirling as they taste each other. He’ll probably begin there, trail kisses down her neck, and quickly find her breasts.

My face warms as I feel a blush across my cheeks, not from embarrassment over my thoughts about this stranger, but rather the delight of remembrance. Memories from long ago just add to my curiosity. I can imagine she has a lover skilled in the art of lovemaking, the kind that will take his time and devour her.

Both of them will be blissfully content afterwards and she’ll immediately begin thinking of when she’ll see him again. Does she take this train to him every week? Are things more complicated and can she only go to him once a month, yet longing for more? Oh, I’m familiar with the bittersweet romances. It can make you wonder if passion is enough. It’s why I’m sitting here now, still in an unsure state, though I was convinced I made up my mind.

I twirl the engagement ring on my finger and suddenly think. I remember glancing at the woman’s hands, perfectly polished pink nails, but can’t remember if she was wearing a ring. Her hands are folded in her lap and I can’t tell now. My stop is coming up ahead. No, I imagine the only ring she wears is for sentimental reasons like a ring from her mother. She’s not promised to another, but bound by heart to her lover for as long as it lasts.




Back Online

Woo hoo!!!…I am thrilled beyond words to be back online. 🙂 I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or suddenly become antisocial hiding under a rock somewhere…though I did get sick for a few days in between…no, sadly my handy little device allowing me to connect to the internet out here in my rural confines, decided to call it quits and malfunction. Thank goodness, though I would love to have some paid writing jobs, I don’t right now, so the world didn’t end even though it felt like it at times.

Unfortunately, being without internet for over a week has put me far behind. I will now be playing the catch up game and trying to slog through the vast quantity of emails and blog posts I need to read. On the plus side, I have written more this week than I have in a bit. I’ve been journaling and even working on adding more to a couple of books in the works. I even had  an “it-doesn’t-sound-so-good brainstorm” come to me today.

I say the idea isn’t so good, because all of the sudden the memoir I had written seems like it needs to go in a different direction than I was thinking. This means the most words I’ve ever written on one project, over 30k, will have to be sorted through and totally redone. Sounds a bit overwhelming…guess I’ll have to figure how to go about doing it. Guess little bit by bit and lots of those handy post it notes I love, but it seems like this new direction makes more sense and makes everything connect better.

Going to go get to work…Happy Writing… 🙂

Any tricks you’ve found for totally reworking a big writing project?…