Beginning the Journey in Freelance Writing

WritingIn the abundance of time I have as I am currently unemployed,  I decided I needed to let my creativity flow loose or go crazy.  Hence the title of my blog.  Well, as I started researching jobs which can be done from home, I stumbled across freelance writing and have been reading quite a bit on it.  I was very intrigued and have discovered I have a passion for writing.  The writing just seems to flow freely.  I have been writing using traditional pen and paper as well as frequently typing on the laptop.    

One lesson I have learned from reading a lot of information about freelance writing is there seems to be mixed reviews regarding the merit of blog writing among writers.  In light of this information and out of curiosity as I have never blogged before,  I thought I would give blogging a try.  I hope to share my discoveries along my journey to become a freelance writer. 

Even though I am just beginning, I feel as if I have accomplished quite a bit already this week.  I just finished writing and submitting an article to a magazine last night.  Also, I have two books I have begun writing and have spent time developing a list of possible topics for future articles.  There is so much to learn about freelance writing and I’d like to share a good resource I found recently, which has a lot of good articles about writing, is .