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The Love Letter

The Love Letter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you haven’t heard it before, I love used bookstores!  It’s an adventure perusing the shelves of books searching for treasures.  I have a wee bit of a love of books, which I have managed to tone down by being more selective in the books I bring home with me.  I just thought I’d take a moment and share some of the latest books I have discovered and read.

Among my finds, I was fortunate enough to run across another book by the author Samara O’Shea.  I read her book Note to Self : On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits back in June and loved it.  This book, For the Love of Letters :  A 21st-Century Guide to The Art of Letter Writing, was another keeper.  As with her other book, she includes historic examples of letters as well as personal letters she herself has written.  She shares with such incredible heartfelt honesty.  This book has the conversational tone I like of a friend having a good talk with you and she has a wealth of suggestions to guide you in writing any type of letter imaginable from the simple thank you letter to the more passionate love letter.

Since I’m writing a memoir, I’ve been trying to read more memoirs and happened upon one that looked interesting.  The book is The House Where the Hardest Things Happened :  A Memoir About Belonging by Kate Young Caley.  The author shares genuine glimpses into her life from childhood into married adult life as she ventures along her journey to a deeper faith in God.  She asks questions I think many of us ask in life and she’s brave enough to try to seek out answers.  It was an enjoyable book and the only difficulty I had with it was the changing back and forth from things of adulthood back to childhood memories so often.

Of course, I had to pick up a book about writing, but only if it speaks to me(my heart).  I found a true treasure I love, The Writer’s Home Companion :  An Anthology of the World’s Best Writing Advice, from Keats to Kunitz.  It was edited and has the introduction by Joan Bolker, ED.D.  This book is such an incredible wealth of information.  If you read nothing else I would suggest my favorite from the book, which was an essay by the editor, “Not Just Writing, Really Writing”.  It contained incredible thoughts on honesty with ourselves and discovering our writer’s voice.  She also shared barriers, which sometimes keep women from speaking up.  It was a very freeing and powerfully written essay in my opinion.

This book includes many other things such as discovering ideas to write, tips for revising your work, and suggestions for considering your audience.  There is even a bit about writing poetry.  I even discovered a poem in the book I like, “One Art”, by Elizabeth Bishop.  It’s a poem about loss and is so sad, but so real.  It’s one of my favorite books I’ve read about writing so far.  

Hope you’ve found something you may want to dash off and read.  Now that I’ve finished these, I’ll have to be on the search for more.  I have a couple of books in my “to read” pile I’ll have to pull from for now.  The novel, The Binding Chair by Kathryn Harrison, looks interesting.  It’s about the lives of two women and set in Shanghai, China.  I have a bent towards novels about women’s lives and the historic.  A side note and talk about historic, I will be becoming a grandmother a bit prematurely in life.  My daughter is pregnant and will be welcoming a child into the world next year.

Any favorite reads you would like to share?  Thoughts?  Comments?…  🙂

Just Driving Along

Mountains Along the Drive

Mountains Along the Drive

It’s been a long week, but there have been some good points to it.  Here are the highlights.  I can now say, “officially” the longest drive I have ever driven by myself is about 8 hours.  It was to Tennessee this past Friday.  Once there, I was able to give my daughter a big hug for the first time in over a month and I was able to see one of my wonderful friends I had not seen in a long time.  The best news is my daughter is now back home in North Carolina.  We love calling North Carolina home.  There is much to be said for family, friends, and home.

This detour is not unusual.  My life has been full of detours in the last ten years.  I’m just getting a little better at accepting the detours, learning a little, and continuing the drive along the highways of life.  I just wish the journey wasn’t so rough sometimes and the rest stops to relax could last a bit longer.  I’m tired, but I keep plodding along.  (I found out kicking and screaming really didn’t work to well! 🙂 )

The writing journey continues as well, though the past couple of weeks it’s slowed down to more the speed of driving through town than on the interstate.  I’ve journaled quite a bit and enjoy being able to say anything in my journal.  It’s my “safe” place.  There’s security in the fact no one can judge me in my journal and no one can stop me from saying anything(just myself).

My other writing has primarily been a few poems and working on my memoir.  My main WIP, the memoir, has now reached over 30K words.  It’s nearing completion, meaning the story is about done being told regardless of the word count.  I have a few ideas of a couple of things I want to include at the end of the book that I need to work on though.

Just wanted to say hi.  I miss blogging and will try to share more again soon.  I’ve been reading some wonderful books I’d love to tell you about as well. In the mean time here’s something you can check out I’ve just begun discovering called Evernote.  I’m still exploring it.  It allows you to have digital notes and notebooks.  Just a few of the things I’ve found I like are you can access your files on multiple devices, share files with others, and email files to your self.  It may end up being a favorite.