I’ve been in a poetic mood as of late, so thought I would try my hand at The Sunday Whirl wordle 85 prompt. Here’s the poem I wrote :

Forlorn thoughts
Rampaging in her head
Felt wilted as a flower
Body draped across the bed
Small spark in her heart
Sign love wasn’t dead
Spirit longing to find
Lost dreams and hope
Long left far behind
Thoughts she shouldn’t think
Swirled round in her head
Longings of desire
Serenading her soul
Tempting with false allure
A desperate affair to unfold
Crossing of forbidden lines
For a facade of comfort
Embraced in another’s arms
Tears slid down her face
Thoughts are just thoughts
She should put them in their place
Erase them without a trace
Like sands blown by the wind
Maybe another time, another place

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)