Taking Chances

Poem based on Monday Melting prompt (week 20) from Rosemary Mint blog :

Lines of character upon her face
Feminine flair with ribbons and lace
Warrior spirit out of hiding
No longer silently residing
Hungry for a chance to live life
Conquering sorrows and denying strife
Willing to risk for just one chance
Tasting sweet love, a true romance

Lace hem of a half slip

Poem from Midweek Melting Prompt

Here’s a poem I made using words from the Midweek Melting prompt at the Rosemary Mint blog :

Old Barn

Old Barn










No More Tomorrows

Far away in the remote hills
Solitary decaying old barn
The door echoed its creak
The only sound to be heard

Full extent of sorrow known
Soon she would find release
Climbed up into the hay loft
Wishing for an eternal sleep

Tied to rough hewn timber
Means to end tomorrows
Never to need remember
Put away all the sorrows

Moved braid of hair aside
Rough knot against her nape
Slowly off slipped her feet
She had made her escape

Happy “National Poetry Month”

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

Happy “National Poetry Month!”  I love poetry, so I am very excited there is a whole month dedicated to it.  Still reading the book about poetry I mentioned in a previous post.  It’s great and I am continuing to write more poems.  Finally wrote my first sestina, but think I prefer sonnets and free verse poetry.  Here are a few links for places to explore more about poetry :   Poetry Foundation , Everyday Poets, and Poets.org.

This post is a little later than I had planned, but life has gotten a bit busy.  The good thing is I am still writing and plan to endeavor to be better about blogging as well.  Presently been working on a few essays as well as the poetry.  Happy writing and I hope everyone has a good Easter!

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