Finding a Voice Through Writing

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I read a lot.  Maybe too much for my own good sometimes, but sometimes you learn some interesting things.  Since much of my reading has been about writing, I have found a common thought shared amongst most writers.  It is usually said, “Write what you know.”  It calls out over and over again from writers much like  “use the force” from Star Wars.

Many fiction writers say many of their characters and scenes come from real life.  Topics for many non-fiction writers are derived from situations in writers’ lives.  Many poems have been written throughout history because of something that touched the poet’s life.

Anyhow, sometimes I am one of those people that can know something, but not really get it.  Sometimes my little insecurities keep things hidden from me.  The other day it did dawn on me.  I made the connection.  I do have something to share.

Writing is an amazing outlet to speak what is inside us.  Writing even allows some things to come out, which are not necessarily so easily spoken.  Writing is giving me a voice.  A form of writing I have just become acquainted with is the personal essay.  I am in love with this form of writing.  It tops my list with poetry.

Just this week I have written several personal essays.  Some I will keep to myself, not sure they should be shared yet, but others I want to try to find places to submit.  Here is an online article about writing personal essays :

Another type of writing I am becoming familiar with are editorial pieces.  I have submitted one before, but just found out this week my second editorial piece was accepted and I got offered a small payment for it.  Hooray!  Here it is :

It is a slow process, but writing is helping me to find my voice.  Right now I am still exploring and haven’t per se found my niche.  I am trying different types of writing, sometimes out of my comfort level such as writing short stories.  I guess the main thing that matters is I am writing.