Back Online

Woo hoo!!!…I am thrilled beyond words to be back online. 🙂 I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or suddenly become antisocial hiding under a rock somewhere…though I did get sick for a few days in between…no, sadly my handy little device allowing me to connect to the internet out here in my rural confines, decided to call it quits and malfunction. Thank goodness, though I would love to have some paid writing jobs, I don’t right now, so the world didn’t end even though it felt like it at times.

Unfortunately, being without internet for over a week has put me far behind. I will now be playing the catch up game and trying to slog through the vast quantity of emails and blog posts I need to read. On the plus side, I have written more this week than I have in a bit. I’ve been journaling and even working on adding more to a couple of books in the works. I even had  an “it-doesn’t-sound-so-good brainstorm” come to me today.

I say the idea isn’t so good, because all of the sudden the memoir I had written seems like it needs to go in a different direction than I was thinking. This means the most words I’ve ever written on one project, over 30k, will have to be sorted through and totally redone. Sounds a bit overwhelming…guess I’ll have to figure how to go about doing it. Guess little bit by bit and lots of those handy post it notes I love, but it seems like this new direction makes more sense and makes everything connect better.

Going to go get to work…Happy Writing… 🙂

Any tricks you’ve found for totally reworking a big writing project?…

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cara Thereon
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 02:15:58

    I was wondering where you’d gotten off to. Tossed around the idea of emailing you at one point even. I’m terrible at communicating effectively though. I’d suggest taking it a chapter at a time. I’m not the best at stuff like this though.


  2. sherriepalmer
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 15:38:51

    Glad you are back. And keep going with your memoir! Like you say, bit by bit. But if you are excited about the new direction, then it will be worth it. Good luck!


  3. Vikki Thompson
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 21:46:44

    Welcome back honey! 🙂



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