I try not to reblog too often, but I read such an incredible post about FEAR over at Kristen Lamb’s Blog just a few moments ago. It was so great I thought I’d share it. I think many times in life, fear holds us back, not just in writing, but in fully living life. There are some thoughts in the post about thinking about fear differently. One thing I really liked was the acronym for F.E.A.R., which she says is False Evidence Appearing Real. Truth is one of the major things that drive my writing as I’m tired of it being lost in the false illusions of life, which merely hide it. I need to hang onto the things I know are real and quit letting the other things weigh me down. Life is far too short for negativity. 🙂

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Fear is always a part of life. We all feel it to one degree or another. Trying to live a life without fear is dangerous. Why? Because there are only two types of people who never feel fear—sociopaths and drugged people. Sociopaths lack empathy and normal human emotions. They don’t feel fear, but they don’t really feel love, joy, happiness or anything else. This lack of normal human emotion is often what gets them into trouble.

Another way to not feel fear is to drug it out of existence.

Of course, the fear is still there, it’s just numbed from the conscious mind. This is often why those who choose drugs, alcohol or medication frequently need more and more and more to keep themselves numbed. People like this aren’t sociopaths, so they do feel fear.

The problem is that, fear left unaddressed feeds and grows and gets bigger. This is…

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