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As I’ve shared before, I’m an avid reader.  This evening, I just finished the book Note to Self : On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Samara O’Shea.  Absolutely loved it!  The author is blatantly honest and the book is written like she’s conversing with a close friend, the reader, as she shares many of her own intimate journal entries.  There are numerous sample journal entries throughout the book, including several historic examples as far back in time as 1665.  I was delighted to learn the famous author Louisa May Alcott journaled throughout her life.

Journals can be an excellent way to closer examine our lives.  The author makes suggestions for some topics you may want to write about in a journal.  Journaling could be as simple as recording your daily activities, documenting a dream, or even divulging inner thoughts you would never say aloud.  No matter what you choose to journal about, I do agree with the author’s sentiment that one of the most important people we should be honest with are ourselves.

My writing progress as of late has been a little slow on the end of writing which may bring in financial benefits, but I’ve been writing.  Journaling has by far been my favorite means of writing as of late, since there are some things in my life I’ve been working through.  I’ve actually looked forward to journaling and sought out my journal more often since I gave myself freedom to write in it as I want rather than a required daily entry.

* Enough about journaling, now a little side note about my other writing escapades.  To borrow a phrase from my teen daughter, Camp Nanowrimo was an “Epic Fail” for me and I did not accomplish the goal.  On the positive side, it did inspire me to attempt writing fiction and I wrote a whopping 6,127 words thus far on my novel for the month of June.  Not bad, considering I was devoting a lot of time to several other projects, including gardening.  I will hopefully finish writing it one day, as I am interested in the story. If you’d like to try it, there is another camp coming up in August.  Besides my novel, I’ve also continued writing poetry and worked on adding to the memoir I’m writing.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheOthers1
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 01:38:21

    I’m signed up to do the one in August. I’m not writing a new novel though, there’s one I want to finish. At least you managed something on your word count. Bonus points for you on that front.


  2. Vikki (The View Outside)
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 09:17:25

    Oh dear, it looks like I’ll be adding another book to my Amazon wish list *snigger*

    Thanks for the recommendation 🙂



  3. Daniel
    Jun 28, 2012 @ 18:06:47

    I don’t think I’d do well with self imposed goals like that. Sometimes I stop writing for a few days, thinking I really shouldn’t let myself get out of the habit. And then, something will come to me, a twist, a solution to a problem, a new scene, and I realize again that stories pretty much write themselves.


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